One of Uganda’s prominent seed companies requested MaRCCI to train its scientists/technicians in seed vigor testing. Specifically, they were interested in a test known as the “tetrazolium test” (a rapid method for the evaluation of seed viability). Upon request, MaRCCI decided to turn this request into a short course to widen the audience that might be interested in attending. As such, MaRCCI drafted an advertisement that was sent out to additional audiences. About 19 seed companies, participants from the Uganda Seed Traders Association (USTA), and some MaRCCI students responded to the advertisement and were interested in attending the short course. In total, we trained 24 participants.

The short course utilized both theory and practical sessions, and visits to various MaRCCI facilities. Theory sessions included: an introduction to seed vigor and tetrazolium seed testing. Practical sessions included sample preparations, cutting and soaking seed samples in TZ chemical, and seed sample evaluations. Participants visited the gene bank (where MaRCCI stores its germplasm) and biotechnology laboratory.

Location: Makerere University Research Institute Kabanyolo (MUARIK)

Facilitators: MaRCCI Resource persons: Dr. Sharon M. Tusiime (, Dr. Richard Edema (, Dr. Isaac Dramadri (